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Active Char is in Turkish Market

Active Char is a well known company of M FAR group. The managing director of Active Char Mr. Razin Rahman is stated that Turkey is a big country for activated carbon products. Mr. Razin added that he is happy to meet with Met-Tech and happy to introduce Active Char products to country.
Mr. Razin also stated that Active Char products are very competitive and quality wise number one among the competition.

Met Tech Begg Cousland cooperation

Met-Tech recently start to work with Begg Cousland in Turkey. Begg Cousland is UK Glasgow based company was founded in 1854. Today the name is famous world-wide for for wowen wire meshscreens and other wire products.

For the last 20 years Begg, Cousland has specialised in the design & manufacture of Mist Eliminators, a broad range of wire & fibre form products used for industrial air pollution control and in-process filtration.