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Met-Tech is working with the companies listed below:
EPCM Services Ltd.  your independent choice for Copper technology.
Luvata   Finland, bus bar and hanger bar production for ER
Tankhouse Maintenance Inc., USA is a specialized coatings company which supplies coatings as well as coating related products to the industrial market (with a focus on mining).
Begg Cousland  Scotland
Neeltran, United States, manufacture of Transformers and power supply

• Copper staves for blast furnaces Luvata
• Cooling elements and slag lounders Luvata
• Bus bar system and tankhouse accesories Luvata
• Engineering services EPCM
• Cathode/Anode supply EPCM
• Scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies EPCM
• Equipment supply EPCM
• Technical support for process selection EPCM
• Robotic cathode stripping machine EPCM
• Cathode washing system EPCM
• Candle filters and mist eliminators Begg Cousland
• Chevlon droplet seperators Begg Cousland
• Demisters Begg Cousland
• Coalessers Begg Cousland
• Gas cleaning technologies Begg Cousland
• Gas scrubbing Begg Cousland
• Agitators and thickeners Begg Cousland
• Filtration package systems Begg Cousland
• Scrubbers Begg Cousland

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EPCM Services Ltd.
Begg Cousland