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EPCM Services Ltd.
EPCM Services Ltd.  has more than 18 years of service in the provision of Stainless Steel Cathodes and Cathode Handling Equipment for modernization and new projects for copper electrorefining and electrowinning plants. The SP cathode and the robotic stripping system with new cathode wash technology makes EPCM your preferred technology! These installations are utilizing more than 750,000 cathodes and producing over four million tonnes of copper annually. Recent product development included the integration of robotics for cathode and product handling. EPCM has an active development program along with engineering resources at Oneira Corporation, an EPCM company to establish itself as a world class supplier and service provider to the industry.

Luvata  is a world leader in metal fabrication, engineering and design. With operations on three continents, you will find our components and our expertise in some of the world's most successful technologies, including photovoltaic energy, MRI scanners, cooling and refrigeration, and even the Large Hadron Collider. In fact, anything that contains copper is likely to have felt Luvata's influence.

Neeltran  Since 1973, Neeltran has been the leader in the design and manufacturing of power supplies and transformers. Neeltran has over two hundred thousand units installed in thirty-five countries worldwide, with 99.99% success rate!

Neeltran is ISO Certified under CSA's Category program for test facility to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 ISO 9001/94. Neeltrans quality system is implemented and maintained to ISO 9001/94. Neeltran has been under CSA's category program since 1996.

Begg Cousland
Begg Cousland  have over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of filters for removal of liquid particles from gas flows. The techniques required to ensure we meet the guaranteed efficiency and pressure drop, as well as achieving the maximum filter life, enables us to design and offer you the optimum filter solution for your needs. Detailed knowledge in-house means we understand well the industrial processes and their differing requirements. Let us give you the benefit of our experience, guarantees, and maximised filter life.